Why should you Hire MK Accounting & Tax Services

I have developed a reputation for professional excellence
through the high quality of services I perform for my clients.

Affordability & Reliability: MK Accounting offers great rates on all accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services without compromising quality.  My clients believe that my rates are lowest in the valley (if they compare it with those firms who have same experience and education as I do).

Did you ever wish you had access to the expertise of a large CPA firm: but you were afraid of the "access" you would have and the excessive fees you would have to pay? Consider hiring me, your Palm Desert Accountant| La Quinta Accountant!  (I am not a CPA, but offer most services offer by CPA).

Personalized services: I am a small Palm Desert accounting firm, so you benefit from a very personalized client relationship I believe your finances go a little deeper than numbers, charts and tax code. I see my clients as people with lives, families, and dreams.  I do understand the impact of finances on your life. I also understand  how this translates into finding an accountant for your small business that you can trust.  I understand the security that comes with knowing your finances are taken care of and the worry that can exist when unsure. As an accountant, I am here whenever you need me. I take a proactive approach, often calling my clients to check in. I will not charge a fee for every conversation I have or every question I may answer. 

My Knowledge: My knowledge of the accounting function and income tax is very broad. Do not be surprised if I make recommendations to your bookkeeper to save you payroll taxes, or recommend an investment to your financial advisor to save you income taxes. You can be assured that when an opportunity arises, I will capitalize on it.

Yes Communication is a key component of my practice: I closely work with you and try to answers your concerns as needed.  My clients will not afraid to ask me questions. I try to be approachable for my clients whenever they have financial concerns.

Complete back office solution: To manage your business profitably, you need the right financial data, advice and services. I can provide you with the accounting, bookkeeping, tax, QuickBooks, business consultation, sales tax return, payroll and other business services you need most.  I want to be part of your success. Count on me to listen, give you top priority and respond promptly with services specifically suited to your company.

Initial Assessment and Recommendations: For highest quality, I prefer to come to your location (if you have home office, then you can come to my office) to better understand your business and financial goals.  This discussion usually takes about an hour with the focus being on your business, your current financial procedures and your objectives.  I recognize that sometimes the demands of running a business prevent the implementation of desired financial procedures.  At the close of the initial discussion I will able to customize my services according to your financial needs that will optimize your processes and your financial position. 

Good Bookkeeping: element is the most important part of every organization and works as a back bone to provide a business with firm support. This includes a variety of complex tasks such as record keeping, preparation of financial statements, payroll and excise tax assessments. These various activities can be daunting. By hiring MK Accounting to take care of this, you can concentrate on your strengths to pay attention to the other parts of running a successful business.

Services Tailored to Your Needs: To effectively reduce tax payout and to formulate a realistic cash management strategy, my clients often rely on services that extend beyond annual tax preparation.  Through periodic contact, listening to my clients and cooperatively mapping goals, I am able to substantially increase the value of my services provide.
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MK Accounting-Affordable Palm Desert Tax Preparation and La Quinta Bookkeeping for your business needs!   I maintain the highest level of integrity and independence so that you can rely on my services. I remain up to date on technical and regulatory issues to guide you safely through compliance and other matters. I believe the success of my clients is the greatest measure of my own. My strengths is my ability to provide both practical advice and innovative solutions to complex business and financial challenges.


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